How Plastic Surgeries Can Bring In A New Look?

There is no doubt that we are today living in a world of artificial looks and appearances. It is all the more applicable to celebrities, particularly film stars, music performers and singers. Over the next few lines, we will try and have a look at some of these famous celebrities who have reinvented their looks and given a new lease of life to their careers through some well thought and well performed plastic surgeries.

Marie Osmond, who must be in her early fifties, had all the reasons to go in for such plastic surgeries. As most of us would be aware, her face started showing her age and she had to do something immediately to prevent it. She did not waste even one day and the fact that at this age, she still continues to be so good looking is because of the wonder called plastic surgery (as we can find here – Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery – Was it Really Necessary?).

Marie Osmond

Though she must have undergone quite a few surgeries, it may not be possible to have a look at each one of them, in this article.

The facelift procedure that Marie has undergone has quite a few unique things about it. It looks much more elevated, fresh and it does not look out of place, as it was before. Even today, her face looks as innocent and pure as that of a young teenager. The credit for this should certainly go to the stunning job done by her plastic surgeons. As we start ageing, it is also quite possible that our cheeks, chin and lips also start looking old and haggard. However, this is not the case with Osmond, whose cheeks and chins look full. This is because of the intelligent filler jobs that she has gone through.

On the other side of the spectrum, if one wishes to have a look at a facial plastic surgery which has been blotched up a bit, then one should have a look at the way Nicole Kidman has made her face look (link:

Nicole Kidman before surgery

The facial surgery has not been done properly and it looks as though Kidman is wearing a mask, rather than having gone in for a plastic surgery.

Taking these two diverse examples as a case in point, one has to bear in mind that plastic surgery is not a child’s play, to say the least. It has to be thought over quite carefully and only then should one get into it. Apart from ensuring that you need such a surgery in the first place, it is also important for you to have a look at it from the financial angle too. Even the simplest of quality cosmetic plastic surgeries cost a lot of money. You cannot afford to cut corners and settle for the second best, as far these surgeries are concerned.

Advice and Tips on Prom Hairstyles

In the United States, every year, during the month of June, there is always excitement among the high school students as they eagerly prepare for the yearly social event, the annual high school prom. Proms are recognized dances that often mark the end of an academic year. Even though there are schools that organize proms for classes of each year the biggest prom is the senior prom. This is a prom for the seniors who are graduating.

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

It is always held in commemoration of their last year of high school. A good number of students spend a lot of time and a fortune in preparation for the event. Initially, the prom was almost a couple’s event. Emphasis was put on companionship and the students who attended were expected to have companions of the opposite sex. This is however not the case nowadays. Today, individuals, couples or even groups of friends may attend the event without raising funny opinions.

As advised on, before going for a prom, you must ensure that your hair is appealing. There are certain hairstyles that you should wear while gracing the event. Before actually choosing the hairstyle that you will wear for the event, you must first put into consideration a number of factors. One of the factors that you should consider is the time you have to prepare for the prom.

You should not pick a hairstyle that requires a lot of time to fix while you actually have a short time to prepare. Doing this often results in embarrassing and terrible outcomes. This is because you will be hurrying and will not be very keen at how your hair is done. You should avoid this as there are quick prom updos for medium and thin hair. You could be able to work out such hairstyles over a relatively short period of time. There are also a lot of chances that your hair will look terrific after the quick updo.

It is always advisable that one does not pick a certain hairstyle because a friend has it. You should look at many things before choosing a hairstyle. This is because there are certain hairstyles that fit well with particular people. Certain hairstyles often fit well depending on the color of the hair. For example, Emo hairstyles might not look good on every people. If you are interested in trying, check them out.

Long Layers on Both SidesYou will find that these hairstyles makes an individual with a specific hair color look great while it does quite the contrary with an individual with a different hair color. The type of dressing also affects the outcome of a hairstyle. You should therefore choose the attire you are to get clad in carefully and look if it blends with your hairstyle.

If you have a short time to prepare for the prom, you should consider going for a haircut. There are haircuts that will definitely leave you looking gorgeous.

Though there is a steady rise in the number of ladies that adopt haircuts, men still lead with the style. There are plenty of handsome black men haircuts. This is because black men usually have a wide range of haircuts to choose from. You should however choose a haircut that matches well with the size and the shape of your head.

How Much Is Clint Eastwood Worth?

Clint Eastwood is one of the most renowned names in America’s film industry. He is an actor, producer and director who had numerous successes throughout his active career days. Born in 1930 in San Francisco to a migrant worker and a mother employed by the steel industry, Eastwood clearly had a different destiny waiting for him.

Clint Eastwood net worth

His family settled in Piedmont, California and he went to school there. Although he had an interest in acting, he did not actively pursue it after school. Instead, he opted to try out a range of other activities including playing the piano, being a lifeguard and at one point, even enlisted in the army. His stint in the army worked towards the establishment of his career in the entertainment industry. This is because he met Chuck Hill who had contacts in the entertainment industry there. Through Chuck, he met photography director Irvine Glassberg who would in turn introduce him to Arthur Libin, a director who was greatly impressed by his camera-worthy looks.

Libin encouraged him to take acting classes, believing that he had a passion for this particular art. This encouragement led him to start going for auditions and it surely did earn him something great. The first significant role he played was in the comedy Ginger Rogers. From there, he has built up a career in the entertainment industry worth millions of dollars. His net worth is currently estimated to be about $375

After his role in Ginger Rogers, his next big break came when he was cast on the series Rawhide. This is mentioned as the time when Clint’s Eastwood began to shine really bright. Running for six seasons, this show set Eastwood as the typical western star worthy to check out in future roles. In 1964, he played another iconic part in A fistful of dollars playing the role of The Man With No Name.

He featured in other numerous high-flying films afterwards, carefully stamping his mien and career as an ideal example of a male, western star.

Spike Lee

He would then venture out to be a movie director; a role that he has been widely successful in. Play Misty For Me was the first film that he directed and it gained much popularity based on its area of focus; an obsessive love affair. While it might not have raked in millions in dollars in profits, it did a lot to stamp the position of Eastwood as a director to keep an eye out for.

Since then, he has gone ahead and directed more than a dozen movies; carving a commendable reputation in the process. Of course, his personal life has not been short of intrigues either. Clint Eastwood, throughout his career, has been in the news for dating, marrying, impregnating and then discarding of beautiful damsels. As a matter of fact, he has his seed scattered in different soils all over!

He has married women almost half his age twice! Nevertheless, he has made a big, positive mark in the entertainment industry.

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym Reviews

Could you be one of the people who are looking for complete body calisthenics but your budget is tight therefore restricting you from getting yourself the best body workout trainer? If yes, then the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE is the best answer that you have been looking for all this while.

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym Reviews – This machine is the key to a compact and complete body workout. It gives you an opportunity of performing over 70 workout exercises. It incorporates fantastic features like the Lat Tower, the leg protraction, the abdominal crunch harness and the 4-position lower pulley/squat post. The trainer has the name Bowflex as its prefix since it utilizes patented Power Rods that were originally designed by one the famous inventors, Bowflex. These specially designed rods offer resistance, or weight, which feel great and more enhanced compared to free weights. This means you won’t have to deal the danger of joint pain, which is typically linked to free weights.

As you work out, you can slow start by adding one, then two, then three, then four out of the available number of your Power Rod units. You should add these rods to the cable pulley configuration, graduating slowly from as little as 5 pounds until you finally reach heavier resistances of 210 pounds or even sometimes 410 pounds-if upgraded to accommodate this type of maximum weight. Other attachments of this trainer are: no-change cable pulley configuration, a flexible ergonomic seat and finally 5-way hand grip or ankle cuffs.


The instructions to direct on the assembly of this machine are made so clear in such a way that it gives room for both a do-it-yourself or a professional assistance for the installation process. Generally, when you decide to do it on your own, maybe because you are trying to save on the cost of hiring professional services, it might take your approximately three hours- from unpacking the machine to erecting it up to giving it final clean touches.


Another fantastic thing about this trainer is that it comes along with a DVD. This DVD is meant to teach you or give you lessons on how to use the trainer. When you have listened to this programs for a while, you will become an expert at using the machine, you will notice that you can switch configurations in the midst of your exercises sessions. However, shifting from one configuration to the other is not a simple task even with these lessons. It will take you approximately 30-60 seconds to do this with many of the configurations- those that fine amid sets.


As I conclude my review, I would like to confess that this is quite a worthy substitute to free weights at an exceptionally affordable price. All you have to do is to spend a little time to study the trainer and anticipate taking a minute amid every exercise to shift between configurations.

Buying Garcinia Cambogia

Nowadays, people are starting to get physically conscious. They want to get fit and to get healthier, but the problem is sometimes, they get discouraged after some time because results do not materialize right away. Garcinia Cambogia offers fast weight loss results. It can make the consumer lose 10 pounds or more in month.

But wait, there is more, you get to get fit with minimal effort. Garcinia Cambogia pretty much does the job for you.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia fruitGarcinia Cambogia is a fruit that is commonly used for cooking and medicinal purposes. It helps the digestive system to work better, and now, based on recent studies, it is proven that it could help with weight loss. It has what we call the Hydroxycitric acid or most commonly known as HCA; it is the actual fat burning element of the product. Garcinia Cambogia is sold as a diet supplement in many different forms like tea and capsules.

What is HCA?

Hydroxycitric acid extract is the substance found in Garcinia Cambogia that serves as an appetite suppressor. It helps the dieter overcome the urges for snacks and it helps regulate the food you eat on your plate. You would not feel deprived of food while you are going on a diet, because you would not even feel all that hungry anyway. It makes restricting calories easier.

If you tend to eat a lot of carbohydrates, do not worry, HCA helps in the processing of carbohydrates and the production of glycogen; it stops the body from turning them into stored fats. Aside from that, it lowers the cholesterol and sugar levels in the body and it heightens your metabolism and immune system. That is how it does most of the job for you, compared to just plain dieting and exercising; you would lose twice as much the weight with the help of Garcinia Cambogia.

Is Garcinia Cambogia safe?

After all those good things being said you are probably thinking: “GC products have so many good benefits, but does Garcinia Cambogia have negative side effects? Are they safe?” These are natural follow up questions, but you know what else is natural? Garcina Cambogia. It is all natural, there should not be any complications even when you are under medication (although, consulting your doctor is advisable).

Based on many reviews done by its user, Miracle garcinia cambogia has no notable negative side effects, except that you do not get to finish up a big meal, which is not much of a negative thing if you come to think of it.

Where do you buy Garcinia Cambogia?

Being a popular diet supplement, it should be everywhere, but beware of counterfeit products. It is natural to have imitation products for successful merchandises. Garcinia Cambogia may be found at Walmart and several of stores, but there are chances that your choices would be limited. There are many reputable online stores that could provide you variety of choices when it comes to diet supplements, and they also save you from purchasing fake ones.

Exercise to Try While Using Garcinia Cambogia

There are a number of causes for weight gain and obesity, but the two most prominent ones are consumption of too much food rich in calories and lack of regular or sufficient exercise. When food, mostly carbohydrates that have plenty of calories are consumed, the excess calories get stored as fat throughout the body. The body stores this fat within fat cells that are also referred to as fat tissue. It does this by creating fat cells or enlarging the ones found within the body. This scenario can be altered if one decreases their food intake and consume fewer calories than the ones they burn, or by having frequent exercises to reduce some of the fat stores. If this happens, fat stores shrink together with the waistline.


In brief, the most common cause of obesity is calories that are not burned. Apart from this, other factors may lead to obesity like genetics or inherited fatness, environmental factors, use of some medication like steroids, psychological issues, physical inactivity due to injury among others. While some weight issues like those as a result of genetics may not be solved, the rest can easily be managed when one begins using garcinia cambogia Dr Oz. This natural weight loss supplement has helped a number of patients who had given up hope of ever becoming slim once again.

As much as weight loss supplements are helpful in containing your weight, it can achieve double results if used with an exercise regimen. Some of the exercises that can help a patient on garcinia cambogia supplements include; aerobics with strength training. If you are a beginner, you may start with light trainings like jogging, swimming, hiking, cycling and brisk walking. Remember not to over-exert your muscles within the first few days as this may lead to muscular pains that may kill your morale for more exercise. These exercises can be performed for at least 30-40 minutes five or four days a week.

The plyometric is also good training for someone intent on losing weight while on garcinia cambogia. These involve jump exercises that exert pressure to the muscles. Workouts such as jump squats allow a patient to utilize body weight and give high fat burning. In brief, one can readily burn fat within a very short time with the right plyometric.

Another type of training is Muscle confusion. A person can increase weight loss if their bodies become accustomed to regular exercises. The confusing technique is recommended as it adds a little spark to the regular exercise schedule. There is also the interval training which involves alternating moderate and intense exercise. A number of patients who tried exercise with garcinia cambogia were able to reduce their weight by more than double. While exercising, it is also important to consider your diet. Of course a combination of this extract and training at the gym may work well, but it is still prudent to observe what you eat. Try to consume more vegetables and fruits, reduce carbohydrates and increase the intake of fiber in the diet. If possible, one should avoid over drinking or smoking as they impede weight loss efforts.

Some of the Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Technological advances have helped the human race in a number of ways. Even though there are certain vices that it has contributed to, the pros far much outweigh the cons. A long time ago, birth defects could not be corrected as easily as it is today. People had no means by which to alter some features in their bodies that stressed them.

Take an example of a cleft lip. With no mechanisms in place, one with this problem had to suffer the terrible consequences without any hope for a reprieve. Now however, there is immense hope for someone who has a birth defect or any unpleasant feature on any part of the body. Thanks to plastic surgery.

Celebrities have benefited from plastic surgery in so many ways. Since they are in the spotlight most of the time, they strive to present the outstanding look to keep up with the competition. In the movie industry especially, looking cool earns one important roles that are very lucrative. The musicians as well as TV presenters too, need to look their best before their viewers and fans. This has led quite a number of celebrities to seek beauty from other sources. It amazes that even those who are endowed with natural good looks still seek the help of the knife.

A good number of celebrities went the extra mile of altering almost each and every part of their body to fit a certain standard. This has led to numerous disasters, though it has not deterred would be patients from seeking for more.
Michael Jackson plastic surgery before and after

One of the worst celebrity plastic surgery was that of Michael Jackson. His addiction to the knife still raises lots of dust. Many still wonder why a good looking young lad- the little “Jackson Five” boy; had to alter so much of his natural features. He is not around to answer any of the questions, but it’s obvious the surgeries led to his untimely death.

Of course it is understandable he had a burn that could only be dealt with through a procedure. When he began it however, he got addicted and seemingly could not stop. He suffered tremendously from his regular visits to the surgeon. I think he must have employed the services of very qualified surgeons sine he had enough cash to help him obtain the best kind of surgery available. But still, it all went from bad to worse until he could not bear to stay without taking painkillers. This ultimately took him to the grave. It was a very sad ending for a popular musician who had made a name for himself.

Jennifer Grey cannot escape of the group of celebrity plastic surgery disasters. A beautiful lady with all the adorable looks that any girl would be happy to have, Jennifer tried the knife. Little did she know that she was only courting disaster. Honestly saying, everyone think that Jennifer’s nose job was a big mistake and it ruined her career.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Picture

Many celebrities console themselves with the fact that there is always reconstructive surgery if any of the procedures go awry. Well, being a celebrity is not as easy as people are wont to believe. After all, for everything we do, there is always a price to pay. Perhaps this is the price celebrities pay for being famous.