How To grow A short Beard with Ease

Knowing how to grow a short beard properly isn’t as challenging as most people think. However, you should really learn how to grow a short beard, so you could always keep your appearance fresh and clean.

Kanye West's Beard Style

First of all, you’ll have to select one of the basic techniques for how to grow a short beard. You could use a beard trimmer, or perhaps stick to the old-fashioned technique of using scissors. Additionally, some people like to use a mixture of both techniques. It’s truly just an issue of personal choice. Beneath are some factors that will get your beard short.

1. Make The Commitment

It’s important to realize that it takes some dedication to growing a short beard, especially during the early stages. You may become discouraged, frustrated and receive comments from friends and family. But, it’s very rewarding and worth the effort. Your success in growing a short beard depends in large part on your commitment and your genetic makeup.

2. Start Growing Your Beard short

You can start your beard whenever works best for you. Some people choose to grow it out during the winter months. Others choose to begin growing their beard during vacation while away from work.

Why grow out a short beard for the first four weeks?

You can’t determine how your beard will grow out and will likely trim too much off. You may find that your beard fills out well in some areas and not so well in others. You may like one style when clean shaven but an entirely different one with sufficient growth.

All of these reasons can create an awkward looking beard that soon ends up in the bathroom sink.

3. Shaping Your Beard short

After the first month, it’s time to shape your beard. Sometimes it makes sense to locate a barber that is familiar with shaping beards. If that’s not an option then there are two areas that you need to focus on:

Neck Line – Generally speaking, you want the bottom of your beard to extend past your jaw bone by an inch or two. If you take two fingers and lay them against the bottom of your jaw bone that is where your beard should end. In addition, the back of the beard should extend straight down from the back of your sideburns.

Cheek Line – The rule of thumb is to leave the cheek line to grow naturally without shaping. Many beards have been ruined because men feel the compulsion to trim the cheek line. Don’t do it!

4. Maintaining Your Beard

There are only two things you need to maintain your beard:

Beard trimmer – You’ll probably be using this on a daily basis to maintain the shape of your beard. Most beard trimmers have different heads to control the length of your beard hair.

In addition, trimmers help to remove wild hairs that occasionally stick out at weird angles. It’s best to go with a cordless unit as the cord can often times get in the way during trimming.

Beard comb – These combs are different in that they are small and have a short distance between the teeth which make them perfect for managing your beard. Many of the beard trimmers include a basic comb with the kit.