Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Before and After

For many people in Hollywood, aging comes with the increasing appeal for more and more plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Meg Ryan plastic surgery procedures have particularly hit the headlines and the reasons behind this are not exactly pretty.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

See, Meg Ryan was much loved for her talent in acting as for her charming “American” looks. If you are old enough to remember her stints in “”When Harry Met Sally” and even “Sleepless in Seattle” you can agree that her prolific performances resonated well with her fans partly due to her charm and beauty.

However, when old age began to knock and she did not want to follow the much-feared Hollywood path of aging gracefully, she began to pry on plastic surgeons’ doors. The results are nothing short of disastrous.

Meg Ryan’s Botox Injections

One notable change to Meg’s physique is that her face looks too “young” for a woman in her fifties. However, when you observe her closely, you will realize that the star cannot easily move several parts of her face. Of particular interest is the area just between her eyes which she has difficulty moving even when making facial expressions.

Meg Ryan Botox

It is rumored, even by cosmetic surgery professionals, that this is a likely result of too much Botox injections in the desire to keep wrinkles at bay. (Source –

Laser resurfacings and fillers

Also suspected to have been part of the celebrity’s beauty revolution are numerous laser resurfacing procedures. Clearly, Meg’s skin does not indicate wrinkles or blemishes as would be expected from a woman who has crossed the 50-years mark. This can be a plus to any person’s beauty as long as it does not leave her looking unreal, which is the misfortune that befell Ryan.

Additionally, she may have had fillers injected to her skin, particularly her face, to smooth the wrinkles that are inexistent on her face.


It is also suspected that Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery has also included rhinoplastty. While this aspect of her face has not resulted into any significant alteration of her natural beauty, it is nevertheless openly discernible.

Meg Ryan Nose Job

Meg Ryan’s Eye Lift

Fans and critics alike have noted that Meg Ryan’s eyelids look thinner than they were before. Certainly, this points to eye lift procedures which usually aim at removing excessive fat under the skin of lower eyelids. Her once sexy eyes have an unnatural appeal to them, to the consternation of her admirers and fans.

Meg Ryan’s Facelift Procedures

Facelift procedures are also a popular choice for people who do not like the effects that sagging brings to the face especially when one’s age advances. It is a prime choice of both men and women, especially those who love the allure of a youthful face. When done right, it can result in great results.

Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery procedures certainly may have included facelift procedures. A facelift typically focuses on the lower parts of the face with the intention of removing the excess, sagging skin. A qualified plastic surgeon knows the best procedures to combine with a facelift to result in a more youthful appeal without seriously altering one’s appearance.

For Meg Ryan’s case though, it appears that everything was carried too far. This is because the lower part of her face appears a little too taut for a natural look.

As a matter of fact, a number of Ryan’s friends had expressed concern that the celebrity was opting for more and more surgeries which were not doing her charming looks any justice. One of her close pals even contended that in Martha’s Vineyard where the actress has a house, she can go about the neighborhood without people realizing who she is! Talk about creepy!

Meg Ryan has not publicly acknowledged having had work done on her. Her appearance speaks for itself though. It appears that her greatest aim was to obliterate any signs of wrinkling and maintain a youthful look; hence she embarked on a long journey of multiple Botox injections, facelifts, fillers and what-not!

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

What she has succeeded in doing though, is to ruin her once charming and adorable face which earned her noteworthy accolades in Hollywood’s acting industry. Hopefully, the celebrity will not go for more procedures which may render her totally unrecognizable!

Meg Ryan’s Personal Details:

Full Name: Margaret Mary Emily Ann Hyra
Nationality: American
Occupation: Actress, Film Producer
Net Worth: $45
Marital Status: Divorced