The Fast Growth of Plastic Surgery in South Korea

If there is one place that is fast becoming the hub for plastic surgery enthusiasts from around the world, it’s South Korea. Plastic surgery in South Korea is being sort after by a large number of people seeking for affordable, yet proficient corrective and cosmetic plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

In Gangnam, a high-end suburb in South Korea, it is reported that there are at least 500 plastic surgery clinics or aesthetic centers as the case may be.

It is understood that South Korea has the highest recorded number of plastic surgeries in the entire world, with a staggering 980,000 plastic surgery operations performed in 2014 alone. Even many K-Pop celebrities also have had plastic surgery as well. For example, take a look at few K-Pop plastic surgery before and after photos.

If you put this figure in perspective, it will give us an average of 20 plastic surgery procedures for every 1,000 individuals in South Korea. This puts the volume of plastic surgery operations in South Korea way ahead of that done in the U.S.A, which has a 13 plastic surgery operation per 1,000 people rate.

The In-Demand Plastic Surgery Procedures

The most requested plastic surgery in South Korea is “Eyelid surgery”. The reason why this surgery is widely popular is because most Koreans have “monolid” eyes and therefore they have no eyelid crease, which makes them appear tired and sleepy.

So, the eyelid surgery helps to give patients a double lid, which is seen as attractive, even though it is arguably a preference by people for a Western appearance, more than anything else.

Other popular plastic surgery in South Korea include body contouring, breast enhancement surgeries and anti-ageing surgeries, which include neck, forehead and facial lifts, as well as hair rejuvenation surgeries. It is argued that a lot of people in South Korea go for facial plastic surgeries in order to appear attractive so they can compete favorably in the labor market.

In the capital city of Seoul, which is the sixth densely populated city in the entire world, competition for employment is fierce and more often than not, candidates are judged by their facial appearance before being employed, as they are expected to submit their resume with a passport photo of themselves.

If you think that plastic surgery in South Korea is done by only women, you thought wrong; as between 15 and 20% of patients are men. In South Korea, plastic surgeons also use stem cells in the successful treatment of skin related problems.

Scientists in South Korea have discovered a method of regenerating skin tissue by somehow bypassing stem cells in green vegetables and they have adopted minimal invasive plastic surgical methods that ensure that patients require very little recovery time after surgery, such as; the use of laser for hair removal and so on.