The Fast Growth of Plastic Surgery in South Korea

If there is one place that is fast becoming the hub for plastic surgery enthusiasts from around the world, it’s South Korea. Plastic surgery in South Korea is being sort after by a large number of people seeking for affordable, yet proficient corrective and cosmetic plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

In Gangnam, a high-end suburb in South Korea, it is reported that there are at least 500 plastic surgery clinics or aesthetic centers as the case may be.

It is understood that South Korea has the highest recorded number of plastic surgeries in the entire world, with a staggering 980,000 plastic surgery operations performed in 2014 alone. Even many K-Pop celebrities also have had plastic surgery as well. For example, take a look at few K-Pop plastic surgery before and after photos.

If you put this figure in perspective, it will give us an average of 20 plastic surgery procedures for every 1,000 individuals in South Korea. This puts the volume of plastic surgery operations in South Korea way ahead of that done in the U.S.A, which has a 13 plastic surgery operation per 1,000 people rate. Continue reading

Reasons of Plastic Surgery Disasters

While some people opt for plastic surgery to correct defects on their bodies that are as a result of heredity, complications at birth, accidents or any other reason for that matter, celebrities are known to look for a perfect profile and can go to any lengths to achieve this.

In most cases, the surgeries turn out successfully and they are proud to show it off. But this is not always the case. There are instances of plastic surgeries gone wrong, and they are plenty. Of course some of these disasters are from very qualified and respected surgeons. This basically means that it is not always success even with the most respected of surgeons.

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