Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Before and After

For many people in Hollywood, aging comes with the increasing appeal for more and more plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Meg Ryan plastic surgery procedures have particularly hit the headlines and the reasons behind this are not exactly pretty.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

See, Meg Ryan was much loved for her talent in acting as for her charming “American” looks. If you are old enough to remember her stints in “”When Harry Met Sally” and even “Sleepless in Seattle” you can agree that her prolific performances resonated well with her fans partly due to her charm and beauty.

However, when old age began to knock and she did not want to follow the much-feared Hollywood path of aging gracefully, she began to pry on plastic surgeons’ doors. The results are nothing short of disastrous.

Meg Ryan’s Botox Injections

One notable change to Meg’s physique is that her face looks too “young” for a woman in her fifties. However, when you observe her closely, you will realize that the star cannot easily move several parts of her face. Continue reading

Reasons of Plastic Surgery Disasters

While some people opt for plastic surgery to correct defects on their bodies that are as a result of heredity, complications at birth, accidents or any other reason for that matter, celebrities are known to look for a perfect profile and can go to any lengths to achieve this.

In most cases, the surgeries turn out successfully and they are proud to show it off. But this is not always the case. There are instances of plastic surgeries gone wrong, and they are plenty. Of course some of these disasters are from very qualified and respected surgeons. This basically means that it is not always success even with the most respected of surgeons.

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Some of the Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Technological advances have helped the human race in a number of ways. Even though there are certain vices that it has contributed to, the pros far much outweigh the cons. A long time ago, birth defects could not be corrected as easily as it is today. People had no means by which to alter some features in their bodies that stressed them.

Take an example of a cleft lip. With no mechanisms in place, one with this problem had to suffer the terrible consequences without any hope for a reprieve. Now however, there is immense hope for someone who has a birth defect or any unpleasant feature on any part of the body. Thanks to plastic surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein's Worst Plastic Surgery Photos

Celebrities have benefited from plastic surgery in so many ways. Since they are in the spotlight most of the time, they strive to present the outstanding look to keep up with the competition. Continue reading