Some of the Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Technological advances have helped the human race in a number of ways. Even though there are certain vices that it has contributed to, the pros far much outweigh the cons. A long time ago, birth defects could not be corrected as easily as it is today. People had no means by which to alter some features in their bodies that stressed them.

Take an example of a cleft lip. With no mechanisms in place, one with this problem had to suffer the terrible consequences without any hope for a reprieve. Now however, there is immense hope for someone who has a birth defect or any unpleasant feature on any part of the body. Thanks to plastic surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein's Worst Plastic Surgery Photos

Celebrities have benefited from plastic surgery in so many ways. Since they are in the spotlight most of the time, they strive to present the outstanding look to keep up with the competition. In the movie industry especially, looking cool earns one important roles that are very lucrative. The musicians as well as TV presenters too, need to look their best before their viewers and fans. This has led quite a number of celebrities to seek beauty from other sources. It amazes that even those who are endowed with natural good looks still seek the help of the knife.

A good number of celebrities went the extra mile of altering almost each and every part of their body to fit a certain standard. This has led to numerous disasters, though it has not deterred would be patients from seeking for more.
Michael Jackson plastic surgery before and after

One of the worst celebrity plastic surgery was that of Michael Jackson. His addiction to the knife still raises lots of dust. Many still wonder why a good looking young lad- the little “Jackson Five” boy; had to alter so much of his natural features. He is not around to answer any of the questions, but it’s obvious the surgeries led to his untimely death.

Of course it is understandable he had a burn that could only be dealt with through a procedure. When he began it however, he got addicted and seemingly could not stop. He suffered tremendously from his regular visits to the surgeon. I think he must have employed the services of very qualified surgeons sine he had enough cash to help him obtain the best kind of surgery available. But still, it all went from bad to worse until he could not bear to stay without taking painkillers. This ultimately took him to the grave. It was a very sad ending for a popular musician who had made a name for himself.

Jennifer Grey cannot escape of the group of celebrity plastic surgery disasters. A beautiful lady with all the adorable looks that any girl would be happy to have, Jennifer tried the knife. Little did she know that she was only courting disaster. Honestly saying, everyone think that Jennifer’s nose job was a big mistake and it ruined her career.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Picture

Many celebrities console themselves with the fact that there is always reconstructive surgery if any of the procedures go awry. Well, being a celebrity is not as easy as people are wont to believe. After all, for everything we do, there is always a price to pay. Perhaps this is the price celebrities pay for being famous.